Cooler Plug maybe?

My new 65 metra kit has been running sortta hot. Not hot enough to overheat, but deffinitly warmer than usual. Im running the B6HS plug, and it runs fine. I couldnt find a 7, so I thought maybe an 8, I tried that and It wouldnt spark. What now

Re: Cooler Plug maybe?

are you breaking in?

What is your fuel mix ratio?

Re: Cooler Plug maybe?

Oh yeah, it could be an air leak also if this is a recent occurrence.

Re: Cooler Plug maybe?

I am breaking it in, Its been running sortta hot since I installed it.

Re: Cooler Plug maybe?

Plug temp does not affect engine temp, it only affects how clean the plug is (hotter = cleaner) and pre-detonation (cooler = less pre-detonation). Engine running hot would be a lean condition.

Re: Cooler Plug maybe?

with the 82 jet, and mixing a 32:1 ratio Im almost deffinitly sure this thing isnt running lean. It would have made its way up seize city with all the riding I have done since the kit install.

Re: Cooler Plug maybe?

Well 32:1 would cause it to run leaner than 40:1 as there is less gasoline per unit of liquid or atomized fuel. 82 does sound decently large, though, so I'm inclined to say air leak.

Re: Cooler Plug maybe?

lol James,

32:1 is RICHER then 40:1

Ratio's man.....where were you in elementary school?

Re: Cooler Plug maybe?

Wouldn't it be leaner? To my knowledge that would mean 32 ounces of oil per 1 gallon of gas no?

Re: Cooler Plug maybe?

No, 32:1 is leaner than 40:1...there is less gas per unit of oil, therefore leaner.

Zack: Without looking it up or doing math, 50:1 is 3.6oz/gallon, so 32:1 is going to be about 5oz/gallon.

Re: Cooler Plug maybe?

Andy, I am going to assume you have a mix tube that does it for you, or you're oil injected, or you have not stopped to consider how 32oz of oil fits in that tiny tube. If you actually think 32:1 means 32oz per 1 gallon of gas, I do not know how your shit even runs. 32oz/gallon is 4:1 premix, and I expect your plugs would last all of 2 city blocks each, if it moved at all.

Let's go back to elementary school.

Ratios: XX:YY IN EQUAL UNITS. Not XX cubic hectares of gasoline to YY micro-fortnights of oil. XX units (oz, lines of cocaine, ass-kickings, metric tons) to YY OF THE SAME units. So 32:1 premix means 32 parts gasoline to 1 part of oil. Add 8 more parts gas, and you have tell me, which one has more gas in it?

Re: Cooler Plug maybe?

was read this today

not so much to the plug issue, but the mix.

Re: Cooler Plug maybe?

yes james is correct, but 32:1 is not 5oz/gal it's actually 4oz/gal

128 fl. oz = 1gallon


32:1 = 4oz oil to 1gal of gas

40:1 = 3.2oz oil to 1 gal of gas

50:1 = 2.56oz oil to 1 gal of gas

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