electrical delema

Today i got a stebel magnum horn in the mail

mounted it up and hit the horn and _hummmmmmm..._

so i need more amps. the horn says it needs 6amps or better to operate

what are my options to make this work.

hooked it up to the mums car and this bitch is loud! just cant get the juice to it from the ped

Re: electrical delema

What is this, some sort of a performance horn?

u try a higher rpm?

u try with ur lights off/disconnected?

U know this will work with a battery and a switch right? but i suppose u want ur ped to charge the battery for u... cant really help u on that one at the moment.

Re: electrical delema

oh yeah its 133dB!!!

yes revved like a raped ape

yes no difference, they die when i do have them on and honk

it doesnt have abattery.

what about a compasitor?

Re: electrical delema

Yeah, you will most likely need a battery to power this. The typical battery for a 50cc modern auto-scooter will do the trick YTX5N etc.. available at Batteries Plus, etc..

Re: electrical delema

and how do i wire it so it charges... could i do my head light from it too so it is constent and brighter?

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