PA50-II premix ratio

alright... i've got a 83 hobbit pa50II. it's as stock as stock can be. shortly i'm going to be slightly raising my compression with a different head, and eventually adding a pipe of some sort.

on this tank (i've got a 2 gallon gas can i that i mix in) i'm running that Ipone synthetic strawberry scented premix oil at 32:1. i figured that was safe since it is synthetic and the factory reccomended mix is 25:1. i've seen some of you guys running 40:1 and even 50:1 mixes with synthetic... would that be okay on a pa50? this oil is pretty pricey, so if i can lean the mix out safely i will...

Re: PA50-II premix ratio

just wanted to mention... with my mods i am not really shooting for high rpms or speeds, 30-35mph is plenty. i'm trying to boost my acceleration/midrange so i can climb hills better and not get run over pulling away from stoplights.

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King Drunky JCams /

I think 40:1 would be ok with synthetic oil.

I run 32:1 kitted out like crazy. 25:1 when breaking it in.

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I donno man, my hobbit has always run pretty hot, and even with synthetic blend, I like to keep it in the 30's, low thirties, but I am a freak about engine wear. I figure you can clean a carb and an exhaust, but wear and scoring and heat warping is pretty much for good. I say, as long as your getting the performance you want, and it isn't slowing you down, keep it rich, 2 stroke might seem expensive, but so are new parts.

Re: PA50-II premix ratio

Oh and by the way, when you use up your ipone strubry, don't buy more. Get some amsoil sabre, or some motul 800 if you can. The sabre is a bit more expensive than your run of the mill 2 cycle, but you can probably get it locally, and it made a difference in how all my machines sound/run. Smooooov

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that "sabre" stuff says you can run it at up to 100:1 ratio??!?!? =o

anyone doing that?

Re: PA50-II premix ratio

nonononono. not me, 60:1 tops for me, people say 100:1 works, but I can't take that risk. I told you my philosophy, but thats just me, I'm OCD as hell about my mopeds.

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