I think I know the answer already... what does a soft sieze feel/sound like? Just hours after getting my metrakit really tuned in, i am pretty sure she soft siezed. Cruising along at 3/4 throttle and 30 mph and then dead. After waiting a few seconds, I started it again. It started right up, so I ran it slowly the 2 blocks to get home. What do I do now? Am I partially screwed? or totally screwed?

Re: WHY?!?!?

open it up and look at your shit, if it looks good, its good. then make sure you are running a nice rich mix like 1:32, and a big jet for your set up.

Re: WHY?!?!?

Edward Richardson /

Don't forget that while you are primed and paranoid about "Seizing", Completely Different Shit can cause Same effect. I had a bad brand new Nippondenso spark plug strand me in a really dark elegant neighborhood where people were friendly and helpful. Weird I tell you! Check everything, trust no one.

Re: WHY?!?!?

Did it feel like the bike slammed the brakes for you? Then it was a soft seize. Choke and let her cool down then add oil till you can upjet.

Re: WHY?!?!?

how much was in the tank?

Re: WHY?!?!?

Sort of, it felt it jecrk and the engine cut dead. It didn't keep slowing down quickly as if the brakes were applied. I looked inside, and there looks to be a tiny scratch that runs parallel with the piston. It sdoesn't look any deeper tan some odf the honing crosshatching that is still in there.

The tank was 3/4 full. Is was not a gas issue. I was running 40:1 with standard 2 stroke penzoil. I upped it to 32:1 and it seems toi be running fine. I still need bigger jets though, hopefully treats will come through for me like always and I'll get them yesterday!

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