dellorto clones, where to buy?

im wondering how you can find dellorto clones/replicas. is there a certain name they call them? im specifically looking for a 15.15, i already have a 14/12 and i feel like its inadequate on my mobylette (and yes, i have it jetted up :) ). could also go with something bigger, like a 19 (and prolly have to ask you how to bolt it up =P) if the price is right. you see im poor and i cant picture spending $100 on a carb. any help is appreciated a whole bunch! =P

Re: dellorto clones, where to buy?

mopedshop has 15mm

note...the dellorto jets do not fit

Re: dellorto clones, where to buy?

well, 55 is better than 90 for sure. and thanks for the warning about the nonstandard jets. wonder where you could get a set for it? that aside... i was hoping to spend just a little less...

anyone know of any that are cheaper? dont care if they dont come with an airbox/filter

again thanks for that. if i cant find a cheaper one i may just go with that.

Re: dellorto clones, where to buy?

is there any fathomable difference between a 14/14 and a 14/12?

is it worth $20 to buy a 14/14 to repalce my 14/12 with?

is there a significant difference between a 15 and a 14/14?

=P i guess i find it hard to spend $58 on something that im not certain will halp me :) theres the link to the $20 14/14 and heres a set of 4 tiny screws that cost half as much as the entire carb. a jet set to be exact.

if anyone is interested.

Re: dellorto clones, where to buy?

A 14.14 would be a marked improvement, but if you still have a 12mm intake, it won't help. I'm assuming you have a moby, so the best thing you can do is just get the 15mm intake from <>, then the dellorto 15.15 from <>. It might be an extra $30-50 more than you would like to spend, but in the end, thats probably what you want without any trial or problems. If you do try out that 14.14, let us know how it works out! Thats cheap!

Re: dellorto clones, where to buy?

Dude, I would HIGHLY recomend just saving the money until you can buy a REAL Dellorto (Dellorto Direct has everything). As mentioned before, the copies dont accept dellorto jets, which means you have to go out of your way to find the ones that fit, as upposed to just borrowing the right jet size from a friend who has the real thing. Dont be cheap, you get what you pay for.

Re: dellorto clones, where to buy?

can't the clones take bing jets? i heard some crazy rumor to that effect.

Re: dellorto clones, where to buy?

well i actually have a set of jets for a clone dellorto already.... but whos to say they will fit in this clone? if its a diff manufacturer then it may be diff. but like i posted above, they have a set of jets on that site that they say are for that exact carb. anyway as for buying a REAL one... the only gains i can see in doing that are,

easier replacement parts, guaranteed compatibility with genuine dellorto parts, and prehaps jets that are actually labelled, instead of in bags with stickers which i tend to mix up due to my lameness =P

i do appreciate the advice but really... im effin broke. so does anyburrrdy know of an even cheaper 15 clone? =P

(and when you say i still have a 12mm intake, does that mean i need to get a bigger intake? as in the part that bolts to the side of the engine and then you connect the carb to that?) =P

Re: dellorto clones, where to buy?

why not just drill out the stock carb to 9/16, thats close to 14.

i really doubt on a stock cylinder you'll notice a difference between 14 and 16, especially with a small intake, you probably wont even notice much gain from 12.

Re: dellorto clones, where to buy?

I think all the things you listed as being benifits of having the real thing are ALL the reasons why you should just buy a real one. Just my opinion, save up the money and buy the real deal.

Re: dellorto clones, where to buy?

yea man, a 15 dellorto from del direct is $70. a 16 dellorto is actually CHEAPER, weighing in at $60. Probably because 16mm intakes are harder to find, i dunno.

just save up and buy a real one... sell your soul or something! those jet sets are good but unless you can find other jets then the link you posted (i wasnt able to), the jet sets are not going to be enough to really dial in your carb. the ones in that link are all way too big for a stock moby, and if the jet sets come in 5 size increments, youre not gonna get anywhere as far as tuning goes. even for stock.

sorrrrry man.

Re: dellorto clones, where to buy?

however! compare your knockoff jets to real dellorto jets. if the clone ones have a smaller "shank" then the real ones, you might be able to measure the threads on the real one with a thread gauge, drill the clone carb out, and tap it to fit real jets. maybe not. maybe with some jb weld. maybe im dreaming.

Re: dellorto clones, where to buy?

Maybe your just making things harder than they have to be. All that work, plus your time = Saving enough money for the real thing. $60 isnt THAT much money, even for a broke dude. Homeless guys make more than that in SF

Re: dellorto clones, where to buy?

marcus thats not true at all. sure, maybe figuring it out the first time would be hard (not really), but what about after that? After you got your technique down, you could get dellorto 15s for $20, some jbweld, and the right sized thread tap. That seems ok to me.

and if it doesnt work? $20 bucks down the drain. homeless guys make three times more than that in SF.

Re: dellorto clones, where to buy?

Yeah they do, I was just using an example. The average bumb brings in about 26k a year. Not bad for being an urban explorer and not paying taxes. About the carb though, I was just saying if he needs something NOW, just see if someone has the real thing used or something.

Re: dellorto clones, where to buy?

im not sure how much wow i would even be getting on a real dellorto =P the jet sizes are not measured by the standard measuring unit of dellorto jets. those are 100'th of millimeters

thus .75 is .75mm i cant really imagine .02 is a significant incease that dellorto would measure by. i think the .75 is equivelent to a 52 or something. i dunno i have to run a .85 to get a nice chocolatey dry spark plug =P

thanks for the replies all.

Re: dellorto clones, where to buy?

forget a clone....have you checked or posted in the buy sell forums yet? You might find someone who has upgraded to a 19mm carb who has an extra to sell.

Re: dellorto clones, where to buy?

BootyClap Ninja /

If you are really that cheap.....

Just go get a Walboro carb or something. $20 on ebay all day long.

No jets needed. It uses screws to adjust mixture settings :]

Also look at smaller Mikuni carbs.

Re: dellorto clones, where to buy?

I ran a clone 15.15 for a while. worked ok. I actualy got real dellorto jets to fit by ramming them in there. The carb was so cheap I didnt really give a shit. That low speed mixture adjustment screw is pretty nice since the real 15.15's dont have it and my low end has since suffered from switching. all in all I would say if you can afford it to go with the real dellorto.

one other thing, the float in the clone carb is manufactured pretty cheap, and actualy formed a small crack and became gas logged, not cool. I threw a real float in there and it was ok after that.

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