switch to av10

so what all do i need to switch to a dope av10? any advice on brands / kits that have been working for you? i'm looking for advice on ALL parts necessary and the actual switch itself. someone should maybe make a wiki on this.

right now i'm mostly curious about what kind of cases you run; are they aftermarket / which brand?

oh and cranks. do you dudes just run performance cranks, or stock av10 ones, or what?

uhh.. i guess i should say my intent is to build a 50/50 and i'm still looking at the doppler er1 cylinder and head to help me with that, i'm just wondering about EVERYTHING ELSE involved.

c'mon, help a dude out. thankss.

Re: switch to av10

there are countless threads on this topic.

but this will get u started:


by an av10 motor there have it shipped here. make sure it has a bracket for the tension spring



by a dopper kit,pipe, reed upgrade, larger intake there and have it shipped here, install.



buy a 19mm phbg, some jets, a throttle that willpull that carb, and any other random moped shit u will need.

Re: switch to av10

Erik E here in Kalamazoo is running the Doppler cylinder & head combo with the doppler pipe and a 'stock' intake and reeds all on a 15/15 SHA carb and GPS'ed himself going 54mph.


They are a great retailer. I placed an order on May 2nd with them and I had my parts at my door on the 9th. Look in the cyclo section for the mbk 51 (av10) stuff.

Re: switch to av10

la becanerie doesn't recognize my email and thus i can't place an order with them. rcv team is dope though.

i uhhh.. nevermind. i'm just going to get my av7 bored ported and polished. whatever. that'll do. this thread can die now.

Re: switch to av10

I'll keep it going, however.

You don't need an Av10 to go 50+. Just the epic 70cc Parmakit for the Av7. I'm at 55+ with fatty 2.75" tires, and a stock throttle that only opens 3/4. GPS confirmed at Flock Yeah.

Fuck Av10's. I've yet to see one that runs 100% reliably. Plus their intakes are shit.

If I was going to spend the kind of cash to do a full build....I would just call up Polini USA and go with their case, crank, bearings, intake, and multiple kit options. Only thing they won't cover is the pipe and crab. But for about 500.00 you can get everything else.

But why, when the Parma is a 50+ kit anyways?

: )

Re: switch to av10

Because you can't get those Parmas for the life of us.

Also, if you go with the whole polini engine you will still run into trouble mounting the bottom spring. You can buy the Doppler engie spring, but that's another $80-$100.

Re: switch to av10

lets face it there is no good option for mobys for super performance, the parts just don't exist. The 62 malossi is out of production, the parma kit is out of production (but can be reproduced if the order islarge enough), the athena kit is out of production. Even the parts for 70cc AV10's are hard to find or out of production.

If you have any of these parts ur very very lucky

Re: switch to av10

So....exactly how large is 'a large order' for the Parmakits to be remade?

This could be really, really, REALLY worth it if enough peeps are in on it.

Like 100?


I'd be willing to bet that if a thread got started to invite US Moby owners who wanted a performance option, there would easily be 100 buyers. Then you ask 1977, MopedShop, Quarterkick, Treats, et all how many they would want at wholesale.

Even though a large portion of Moby owners would already have the kit via the big purchase, there would still be enough interest, I believe, that the retailers would be able to make their money.

Hmmmmm.....tough call. Parma is a Spanish company? Italian? Anyone know?

Re: switch to av10

I think a group buy would be a good idea if someone wanted to get it together. I don't think any shop is likely to drop $10,000 with a 3-6 month turnaround for a pallet of moby kits, but that's not saying a private dedicated individual couldn't organize it.

Re: switch to av10

From what I understand, the group order has to be 50, which I don't think is that many if you consider how many AV7s are sitting out there. Shit I would buy another one myself if that was an option. The kit is so sick.

Re: switch to av10

just to complicate things, ive also been told personally by the shlep at Malossi Roselle Imports (US malossi dealer) that they would reproduce the malossi 62s if they had one to blueprint from.

ive also been told this guy is a complete ass. whatever.

but the parmakit is discontinued? I did not know this.. i found it right here on the parmakit website, doesnt say anything about it being discontinued, but then again i didnt search any farther than seeing this . Expensive, yes... but definitely there.

Re: switch to av10

haha man that makes me look like an idiot. that "temporary not available" bit didnt come up until i translated it into english. guess it is discontinued. at least temporary, as the site puts it.

Re: switch to av10

I tried to order from that site, but I have yet to get a response from them. I need a ring.

Re: switch to av10

I would definitely buy another Parma in a heart beat....that kit kicks so much ass. I've ridden the SHIT out of mine - air filter free! - even breaking it in on the Friday night ride at Flock Yeah where I broke just about every break in rule in the book. As far as I can tell it's a real winner.

Well.....I think this needs to happen. There are a mess of nice Mobys back eat where I'll be for the next year or so. I think we can all agree that there are more than 50 people who would want to get in on a purchase, not to mention a few retailers who would want to get in on it too.

In fact, I'll bet if we get 60-65 'joe-blow' buyers, 1977, MopedShop, Treats, and Quarterkick could fill out the rest at good mark up.

151.00 Euro? That's, what....230.00 - holy crap. I just converted that. Man...the dollar isn't worth shit right now. Well...hopefully with a group buy that cost comes down around 190.00. The retailers could probably sell those things for 210-225.00 considering it's the only game in the world right now.

Hey, Allen - is the contact info easy to find on the Parma website?

Re: switch to av10

Yeah I think the magic # for parma is 50 and they will make more, no telling how much these will cost tho.

Malossi re make is not an optin, if they need an existing kit to re make the tooling its not worth it the tooling cost would destroy the affodability of the kit. I wouldn't be surprised to see it at or over $300 once its all said and done.

Re: switch to av10

shittt, if this happens you can put me down for two of those babies.

Re: switch to av10

Yeah - that seems right about the tooling cost for the Malossi 62. Oh well.

I think we should poll the boards and find out how many Parmas we could guarantee. I'm definitely in for one more (just in case) and I know just about every non kitted Moby owner out there would be in too. Doppler and Ninja pipes aren't that hard to come by if you're patient. Carbs are easy too.

It's the kits.


And....Elliot, you were referring to 300.00 as the new cost of the Malossi, right? I found the Parma at around 220.00 I think.

Re: switch to av10

"(but can be reproduced if the order is large enough)"

if you're keeping a list of interested people, definitely put me on it. i'd actually buy two or three of them, if the price was right. how large is large enough?

Re: switch to av10

oic, i read further . . . yeah definitely put me down though! i've got a le moped frame with gold mags i've wanted to make into a screamer since i bought it

Re: switch to av10

i dont think theres a moby owner who wouldnt buy one

Re: switch to av10

'i dont think theres a moby owner who wouldnt buy one'



Re: switch to av10

Hell I think the av7 is better than the stock av10 case. My moby tops out at about 3/4 throttle with that tiny reed block. I do love the responsiveness of a reed engine though.

Re: switch to av10

On a 70cc bike that is, 50cc vs 50cc no contest though.

Re: switch to av10

tune tune tune, guys. these arent throw together. high end parts need high end attention.

Re: switch to av10

Ha - ha, Mark AKA, Finny -

Av10 is not > than Av7.

In fact.....the Av10's intake is so small, that it is easily outdone by the MASSIVE intake on the 70cc Parmakit for the Av7.

As I said before, I have yet to see a solid running, 100% - never break down Av10. All I hear from peeps with it are the troubleshooting they've had to do.

Av7 = reliable and fast as shit if you know what to do.

Again, if I was going with reeds for a Motobecane, I would DITCH the shitty Av10 case and buy the Polini case which actually has the large reed block intake....giving the full life to that engine.

Fuck the Av10. It ain't shit. My Parma Av7 would eat it for lunch.

Re: switch to av10

err... I've ridden built av10s and I own a parmakit, Finny's equation holds

Re: switch to av10

You have to put Bret's moby against yours Ben I heard he made it to the 60 club. The av10 shows way more potential than the av7 once you get a 4 petal adapter it's a whole new game.

Compare that to an av7.

Re: switch to av10

Fuck Fuck Fuck thats a busted variator not impressive at all.

Re: switch to av10

lets have a race once my av10 is back up. I seriously want to see what the parma kit has against a 4 pedal av10 setup, u don't need the polini cases just a polini intake.

note: it was impacted by a car and b4 that was the most solid moby ever. Unless the av7 makes moped frames crash resistant I don't see the advantage.

Re: switch to av10

Holy days the superbecane is alive again!

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