my hobbit won't idle

can't get it to idle. and it idles with the choke on and the ped on a kick stand. mess with the carbs like every day. still won't. any help will be a great help. i think its the belt spinning on the clutch. like the wrong belt. what is the belt number for this model. its a 1978 hobbit that goes a little more over 25.

Re: my hobbit won't idle

Raymond Rexroad /

OK - so it only idles when on the stand, and only if the choke is on?

I'd try to clean out the idle mixture fuel supply orifice. Check the wiki section for pictures.

There is a screw that can be removed, and under it, about 1/2" or so, is a drilled brass plug. You will most likely need a wire or something similar to clean out the orifice.

Re: my hobbit won't idle

I have this exact same problem... except the stand part, that's kinda weird.

Re: my hobbit won't idle

Mine did EXACTLY the same thing.


Think about it: choke on = air restriction. Either that, or it just isn't clean enough yet and isn't putting enough fuel into the cylinder.

Clean that bitch again, and seal the shit out of your reeds. Remember you have to do the case side and intake side as well.

Good luck.

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