Expansion exhaust clear coating?

I just sand blasted my doppler er-1 pipe for my Moby to get all the old, burnt, clear coat and rust off and now I am a bit stumped as to what I should now coat the now very clean exhaust with.

What sort of coating would be ideal for the hight temperatures that an exhaust is going to be subject to? What is going to be the easiest to work with and the least toxic? How should I apply the coating and how many coats would I need?

Much appreciative!


Re: Expansion exhaust clear coating?

bbq grill paint is my favorite. supposedly VHT is a good brand, i just buy the cheap shit... seems to work ok.

Re: Expansion exhaust clear coating?

Yup I use high temp ceramic engine paint on my pipes. Its good to 1200

Re: Expansion exhaust clear coating?

So, I can just brush these paints onto the pipe or am I going to need some fancy paint booths, spray guns and the like?

Are they going to change the tuning/power band of the pipe?

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