need help tuning

I just got a 99 targa lx and iv got a biturbo to put on it. what sizes jets should i use in it and what kind of air filter should i use for it?

Re: need help tuning

take whatever size jet you have now and go up one for any mod that increases airflow, like an expansion chamber pipe, or less restriction.

i would find the number you are using now and get a jet that's two sizes bigger if you are getting a high flow airfilter, or are taking the airbox off or something like that.

from there, you have to check your plug with a plug chop to see if you are too lean or rich, and go one size either way.

Re: need help tuning

which jet do you change?

Re: need help tuning

im not sure if the tomos uses a dellorto carb, but it's likely to... in any case, you should open the float bowl and the jet that extends down from the main venturi (the big tube that air flows through to the engine) to where the gas would be in the float bowl is the one you want. its called the main jet.

there should only be one i think, but in any case you are looking for a tiny brass screw with a little hole in it and a number stamped on it. just unscrew it, make sure the one you are putting in is the number you want, and make sure its nice and clean by spraying it with carb cleaner and using cleanish hands.

sorry if im being too simple, im just not sure how much you know already and i would hate to miss something if you are new to this.

Re: need help tuning

im a car mechanic so this stuff isnt exactly the same but i know some

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