Bullet Exhaust for Sachs

I have a G3 with a 505 D engine will a Bullet exhaust work for me? is it any better for performance than the stock exhaust...im planning on upgrading with a 70cc athena speed kit

Re: Bullet Exhaust for Sachs

Bullet pipe will see improvements over stock throughout the rpm range, don't expect a 10mph jump...not a Honda. A while ago someone was supposed to try the Simonini pipe with that kit and i've yet to hear from them. Search Sachs in the subject option of the general forum.

Re: Bullet Exhaust for Sachs

you can try to find a giannelli exhaust... but the simoni would probably be best.

Re: Bullet Exhaust for Sachs

Bah, don't wait forever for that pipe better off getting the Bullet or Simonini

Re: Bullet Exhaust for Sachs

i posted to that thread when i got the simo up and running.

it rips in the midrange, and has me up to about 35 on a bone-stock C cylinder. the lowend is really crappy though, to the point that i have to pedal it off the line when i'm starting on a hill, but once i'm up to about 10 mph, it will go up walls. The stock cylinder porting on those is such a bitch though, without porting its impossible to break 35. I'm also runnign a 16:16 dellorto, but there is really no point in going over 14mm for that setup.

I'm putting on an athena 80cc reedvalve this weekend... should be interesting.

The simo pipe is really sized for a kit, not stock. It should really rip with a 70 or 80cc kit. I should have the mounting brackets available for sale in a week or so here.

Re: Bullet Exhaust for Sachs

i ran the 80cc with biturbo last summer(not so good). i now have the simo and am waiting for someone to make a bracket i've just gone up and down the alley since the rear isnt supported and it is def gonna be muchbetter than the bi-turbo was but overall i dont think it will be what im looking for

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