12mm bing on a metrakit?

anyone try this? I know that a bigger carb would give me more top speed, but what about fuel economy? Just wondering what would happen....

Re: 12mm bing on a metrakit?

the imtake port on those kits are 20mm,use an exhaust header for an intake and get a big carb,that way you wont break the kit in two days

Re: 12mm bing on a metrakit?

You won't break the kit in two days. If you have it jetted correctly, then it will run fine for as long as you want, you just won't get as good of performance than with a bigger carb.

Re: 12mm bing on a metrakit?

Picture an awesome kit.

A kit that does a solid 50.

Now, run it only at half throttle, with no ability to increase the fuel flow for when you finally get to high RPMS.

I imagine it'd be like that.

Re: 12mm bing on a metrakit?

12mm carb = 4.5 cm^2 area hole

19mm carb = 11.3 cm^2 area hole

so, actually it's closer to running at 1/3 throttle. but i can cruise at 33 or so on my mk at 1/3 throttle with my 19mm carb, so i mean . . . it'll be better than stock, that's for sure.

Re: 12mm bing on a metrakit?

I rode on a metrakit bike with a 12mm bing and it is decent (40 ish). That little carb makes the kit behave kind of wierd though. I noticed when going down hill at full throttle it would barley go faster than on flat land and would pop like i was engine breaking, it's like the hole is too small to allow any higher rpm's period. The damn thing sucked gas pretty good too, smaller carbs often use more gas contrary to popular belief because the smaller carb makes higher intake velocity using more gas. I honestly don't know how much this would affect similar sized bings but I know for a face that there is noticable difference mileage between a 19 and 21 phbg (5-15 miles per tank) the 21 getting better milage.

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