a35 targa lx

My targa really sucks going up hills, what is the best thing that i can do to fix this problem. I have a biturba pipe and i am leening towards buying a 70cc kit. How much will the 70 cc kit help when traveling on hills.

Thanks Rob

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Re: a35 targa lx

my friend has one and i have a nearly stock sprint

yeah he burns me like theres not even a hill there. i am looking at getting one too

Re: a35 targa lx

Your ped is probably not tuned right bro. With a bi-turbo/airbox mods/ and correct jetting you should be doing at least 40.

It's a 2 speed for god sakes.

Re: a35 targa lx

BiTurbo is a high rpm pipe. If your already going around 30 to 40mph you should be able to climb it no problem. But if your stopping in the middle of the hill and then trying to climb it, yeah the BiTurbo is not made for that. The stock pipe has noticably more low rpm power than the BiTurb does. But high rpm power is more useful (usually)

anyway, the answer is yes... a 70cc kit will help a LOT. It will also burn atleast twice as much gas. Don't count on it increasing your top speed though. All it does is add more power.

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