bing to dellorto jetting conversion

I'm trying to switch out my 14mm bing with a dellorto 14.12 that I've bored out to be 14mm all the way through.

Here's my question. I'm running a 66 jet in my bing, and it's just a hair rich. I four-stroke when the outside temperature is in the low 70s, but I'm spot on when the temperature is in the low 60s. Anyway. I was wondering what the equivalent jet size was for the dellorto.

I've already searched this, and the information suggests that dellortos are 5-10 jets behind, but that's kind of a wide range. I've ordered a range of jets between 58 and 72. Do you think I'm going to hit it with those?

Oh, and my setup is a 78 puch kromag with a ported hi-torque cylinder, 14mm bing and intake, w/ pantyhose in a stock magnum air-filter, and a techno boss pipe. Top speed is high 30s to low 40s.

Re: bing to dellorto jetting conversion


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