14mm Bing MKII Intake Problemo...

Hi everyone.

I just bought a 14mm Bing carb for my puch Magnum MKII with a 70cc tccd kit to make it go faster. Problem is, the intake I think is for one speeds or something, because the intake is angled a bit outwards, causing the float bowl to hit the oil injection. So, what I did was rotate the carb inward, but now it is on a slant, definately not vertical. So, the stupid bike dies after the original fuel from float bowl is gone...is this because of a bad jet (i've tried jets 90, 88, 84, 79.) or is the slant screwing up my gas inflow. Please help, I'm getting really pissed at this project.



Re: 14mm Bing MKII Intake Problemo...

Prepare for a lot more pisin off in your moped lifetime

Re: 14mm Bing MKII Intake Problemo...

trade someone for a 2 speed raised intake.

14mm Bing MKII Intake Problemo...

Make a spacer to go under the intake.

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