Puch Maxi carb questions

i just got a 1978 puch maxi and it tops out around 20mph right now. the guy i got it from said he put a #60 main jet on the carb because he didn't have a better size. he said i should find a #50 to #54 to help the top end speed out. is this a good solution?

i'm also considering getting a 15mm carburetor because the stock one is 14mm, correct?

Re: Puch Maxi carb questions

Is this a good solution? Depends. What's your spark plug look like? If it's black and oily like the Exxon Valdez took a spill inside your engine, then yes, downjetting will probably help your performance.

As for the carb, there are plenty of other options to increase your speed besides just getting a bigger carb. You can change your sprockets (gearing) to increase speed, you can increase air flow with a high flow air filter (but be sure to make sure you've got enough extra fuel to go with your extra air), you can get a performance exhaust... there are a lot of options.

You can check Bing carb numbers here to help verify your carb size, and you can read about your speed-enhancing options here. break> Old posts are also a cornucopia of information; just use the search function and you should find enough information to keep you busy for the next month.

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