Upjetting Hobbit??

My hobbit has been running lean and thus dying when I rev. as a result of a Leo Vince performance pipe.

I was under the impression that my hobbit wouldn't need a jet adjustment with a performance pipe, but it seems that it does.

I cleaned the carb thoroughly and checked the air filter and all that.

So, does anybody know what size jet I need to get? I found a website that has them. Stock PA50II Hobbit jets are 78, so I obviously need something bigger than that.

Re: Upjetting Hobbit??

what site did you find jets on?

With the proma there is no upjetting necessary and Im running a stock hobbit with a leo and its chopping perfectly with a stock jet.

The hobbit carbs have tons of tiny little passages too that need to be totally clean to get a solid idle. Sometimes I have to clean them a couple times when I do a restore.

Re: Upjetting Hobbit??

What do you mean dying when you rev it. Do you mean on the stand or while you are riding?

Re: Upjetting Hobbit??


Basically when the choke goes off, it dies. I had a repair thread going for a while that you commented on.

Air filter is a.o.k. and the carb is clean.

Maybe my carb screws are off?

Re: Upjetting Hobbit??

oh and the site is


the parts with the numbers like


Change the middle two numbers of the last four digits to change your jet size. A PA50II stock is 0780, because it's a 78.

Re: Upjetting Hobbit??

you can also get jets from the dealer for ~$8 each

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