Mobylette oil ratio on dellorto 14:12

Hey, stevep1989 just informed me that the fuel to oil mixture ratio on the sticker of my 76 mobylette was bullspit, and ive been mixing my oil practically 1:20 for no reason for a number of years now. he also recomended i run it about 50:1. i'd just like to get a general concensus of what you guys like to mix on your moby's. and also do you think lowering the oil ratio will give me any additional performance? i do reckon as ive messed up my timing a bit, cause my points gap is prolly a lil too wide. and ive only recently replaced my gurtner with a dellorto 14:12 clone, but she only tops about 22 or so on flat land now, when she definately used to make at least 26-27. and i used to get like 38 downhill =P

so yeah. my pionts gap is prolly just under double the width of a matchbook cover. its definately less than 1 mm. i dunno if it effects performance? ive also been told that as long as theyre opening it shouldnt REALLY make that much difference.

so any tips?

and to recap, how do you guys mix your oil? thanks in advance!

Re: Mobylette oil ratio on dellorto 14:12

I mix 4oz to a gallon 32:1

Re: Mobylette oil ratio on dellorto 14:12

ditto- 4oz to a gallon. your timing is probably off or you are not jetted properly on your new dellorto clone. what are your plug chops coming out as?

mix at 32:1, regap yr points, retime, and plug chop/rejet and you should be doing better.

Re: Mobylette oil ratio on dellorto 14:12

as for redoing the timing, thats a little bit more than i think im prepared for. but i dont THINK ive done anything to fick with the timing, except for the improper points gap. as for doing a sparkplug read, ive been told not to bother with that till i start doing the correct fuel to oil ratio, cause all it will come out as is black and oily.

i do have a jet set for the clone. i'll definately mess with those after i empty my current tank and put in a batch of 4 oz to a gal.

how far should i drive it after that to pull the spark plug and examine? sorry ive never done anything like this before so i dont really know much about it all.

and as a side question... anyone know where i can get a replacement cable for my spedo on the cheap? like would an auto parts store carry one i can use on my moby?

thanks very much for the replies. the general consensus seems to be 32:1 and ill definately try that!

Re: Mobylette oil ratio on dellorto 14:12

It's time that you learned to time. It's not gonna kill ya dude. Just take it one step at a time. The end game is that the points open just before the piston comes to the top. Too wide a gap can sometime indicate too far advance but really learn to time a bike evenif by trial and error. If you were burning that much oil you may have carbon build up in the exhaust port and header. 20:1 was for when we burned motor oil. At that time you de-carbonized regularly.

Re: Mobylette oil ratio on dellorto 14:12

yeah, going richer than 50:1 just leads to excess carbon buildup in the exhaust. with modern oils you can run as high as 100:1 but its best to play it safe (within reason) so you dont have to worry about inconsistent mixing.

Re: Mobylette oil ratio on dellorto 14:12

alas i feel sheepish enough already :) i was only listening to the evil that was spilling forth from the stickers on the bike :(

the moby exhaust likes to be easy to take apart thankfully so i can give it a good scrubbin without a good scorchin'. hopefully. i hear they rustify themselves to hell and back in quite the hurry once you scorchify thems. ill check ch-check it out tomozz' when the sun is less down.

thanks for teh advice and sorry about the deliberately horrible spelling and grammar. =P

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