Need more speed Puch

What could I do if i didn't put a speed kit on. Bigger Carb, HP pipe, change gears? If you have done this let me know what you matched up to get more from your puch. I have a 1 and 2 speed Maxi.


Re: Need more speed Puch

High compression head, biturbo, 15mm carb and intake, high flow filter, and 16 x 45 got me to 32 mph on my 1 HP maxi. Had to mess with the cylinder though. It would be easier to just buy a 1.5 or 2 hp cylinder.

Re: Need more speed Puch

low compression head, low torque non restricted cylinder (ported), trim piston to line on inside, larger carb, gearing, Some type of pipe for top end.

You don't want a lot of compression for high speed. It makes the engine work harder and therefore go slower. If you want torque then go with the HC head and a ported high torque cylinder (they will be a touch slower).

Re: Need more speed Puch

I have two 2hp Maxis ones a 1 speed and the other is a 2 speed. I also don't have much knowledge for the engine work. Mostly looking for bolt on ideas. I am looking to get more top end, right know I go about 30MPH.

Re: Need more speed Puch

compression = power

combustion engine basics.

just because its harder for you to turn over by hand doesnt mean its harder for the motor.

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