Daily Driving

So this summer i have like a 30 mile ride to work..... everyday. I was thinking it would be a good idea to put together a pretty high-torque engine, and then gear it for top speed.

Is that like a legitimate good idea?

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BootyClap Ninja /

Reliability is key here. It would certainly suck if your shit goes down after you have gone 15 miles.

What kind of ped/engine you looking at?

Re: Daily Driving

probably a puch or tomos.

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I roll my '01 tomos to work pretty much every day when it's nice... It's kitted w/ a Homoet 4p, and I have pretty much zero reliability issues... I've basically ridden the piss out of this thing and it keeps on goin' :D

Just fyi =P

Regularly maintained tomos' are bulletproof.

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hey scoop how much work did it take to put on that pipe? im thinking about getting the same one for any A55 and im just want to know what im getting into. oh and how does that pipe run???

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i'm thinking of trying just some port work, raising compression, pipe and carb at first.

Re: Daily Driving

Use the iron lined cyl with #s 11,22,or33. Mill the head to 14:1 CR. 18X36 sprockets with a Estoril pipe

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I didn't do any work. It was a bolt-on :D

Tho I have made new exhaust mounts, due to the fact that mine snapped clear off the frame D:

But other than that yeah... bolts right on (to an a35 anyway ^^)

The pipe is great tho, I'm not a small fella, and my bike rips pretty hard. Solid 45 all day long, sometimes faster... depends on the weather lol

I've been really happy with this build ~

Re: Daily Driving

I use mine to commute about 20-25miles a day, 5 days a week. I would just check tire pressure and condition a couple of times a week. I run the stock 50:1 oil/fuel ratio and a 70 jet in my bing (soon to be a 16.16 Dellorto) on my 2hp E50 w/ a tecno bullet. Gives me no problems except for the ones I oh so love to create.

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