barely any power

maxi, stock e50, hi-flow air filter, 12mm bing 68 jet, tecno bullet...

barely any power... was rollin fine 66 jet and stock exhaust it can barely do 2mph. compression?

Re: barely any power

Do a plug chop?

I would say that putting the hi flow air filter on would require a bump of 2 jet sizes, and the bullet probably another 2 jet sizes.

But yeah can you go over those speeds again? You were doing what 30mpg before? And now youre doing 20?

You can use a compression tester, or you can go back to your previous set up and see if it s any slower than it was.

Re: barely any power

you haven't done anything that would change your compression. your jet sounds too small, but not by that much - and too small means too lean, which wouldn't generate massive power loss. make sure your new exhaust is on their tight, with no leaks. also, try popping your stock airbox on there, see if a little back pressure helps.

Re: barely any power

basically, i went from a 66 jet to a 68 jet with the only new addition being the tecno bullet. previously i had a derestricted stock pipe, along with the hi-flow filter and went from doing 25mph down to like 3mph. I guess I can try out a 70 jet and see what happens.

Re: barely any power

i bought one of those exhaust mounting kits from mopedshop... and it came with an new thick gasket that didn't appear to exactly seat itself inside the ridge where the old gasket on the e50 was placed...was i suppose to put that on top of the old gasket? i've tightened up the bolts pretty tight and while i could still turn them more i've heard stories about busting the studs off and don't feel like dealing with that. should i just keep tightening until i can't tighten anymore?

Re: barely any power

fish_SHARK /

i would try the 70 jet and see if it gets any better. either that or there must be a leak with that mopedshop thing.

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