Puch shocks on Moby Traveler

Got my 360mm chrome heavy duty Puch shocks in today. Im putting this on a Traveler, and it turns out the Traveler uses some different hardware than the 50V, so my parts bike isnt helping completely here. I guess Puch shocks wouldnt be a good idea for a 50V because of how long they are.

The metal piece that sits inside the rubber bushings is too big for the regular Moby hardware on the Puch shocks. However, these metal pieces can be removed from Motobecane shocks and they fit nicely into the Puch bushings.

Also, these shocks are very wide. I may need to mount them upside down, and I may need to space them outward a bit.

Anyway, look at the attachment for a pic. How much do you think Im raising the rear here? I guess the fork Im using is raising the front about an inch, so Im looking to also raise the rear about an inch. Does it look like I may be raising it too much?


Upside down shocks

If I do the upside down thing, heres what itd look like

Again, any estimates on how much Im raising the rear here would be appreciated. This pic is more accurate, because in the first one I only had a pen holding one side of the swing arm to the frame, in this pic both sides are supported.


Re: Upside down shocks

Don't put them upside down. I think they'll collect water in what is supposed to be the top and it will look bad when they start to corrode.

Re: Upside down shocks

Thanks for pointing that out. I may want to come up with a way to just keep water from gettin in there. Because if I do them right side up, it may require me to mount them farther away from frame. If I can do this and still have it be structurally sound then I will.

Re: Upside down shocks

whoa those are long!!

Re: Upside down shocks

lol yeah but maybe once there is a wheel with some weight on it it will lower a bit more. But yeah these are 360mm, and I may have to swap out for the 340mm. Again looking to raise the rear about an inch, but this looks like I went too much.

Re: Upside down shocks

Someone told me stock Traveler (and presumably MBK 51) shocks are 12 in. These are about 14 in.

So for some quick rough math, assuming these are mounted at a 45 degree angle (which theyre probably not), that should raise the rear one inch.

Now, If it raises the rear say 1.5", I could get a 16" rear wheel (hopefully) and that will raise the rear a perfect 1".

I guess lets just wait and see what happens!

Re: Upside down shocks

too long.

Re: Upside down shocks

there's a bit more meat up near the upper mounting hole it looks like.... you could try making use of that, going up about an inch or so and drilling a new hole. The angle would be a bit different then and im not sure of any other complications, but since it looks like a fairly custom bike it could be worth a shot

Re: Upside down shocks

Yeah, but, being a NOS frame Ive been convinced I shouldnt modify the frame.

If these are too tall, first option would be the 340mm shocks. N tect would be like hydraulic of gas powered shocks.

Re: Upside down shocks

Motobecane use 320mm shocks, get some 320mm ones. Those giant things are ridiculous is like four ways.

Re: Upside down shocks

I am OK with raisng the rear like 1", since the fork I am using will probably also raise 1". So, sounds like the 340mm would be OK.

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