dellorto carb peugeot 103

I have a new 14-12 dellorto carb. I need to know what modifications I need to do to make it work on a 78 peugeot 103. What size jetting to use?

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You use what works. Maybe a 72???????

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does the carb fit on the peugeot manifold?

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no it will not

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Have I written this to you before? No matter...

1. You need a new intake because your old one is both too small and too tall, the carb will hit the frame. If you have the same stock intake I did you'll need one new bolt/nut for the fourth side of the new intake which isn't taller than the other three like on the stock intake. Just buy a long bolt of the same size and hacksaw the head off (presto, you've got an intake stud).

2. You need new reeds because the stock peugeot reeds are tiny, not big enough for your increased 14mm intake.

3. You need puch throttle cables because your current choke and throttle cables won't work when inside a dellorto (as you can see right now, if you've already got the dellorto)

I got all this stuff from treats hq, an ebay store by e-mailing him off-list (he doesn't have it all listed on his site). I got it at a very reasonable price. If you're not sure what exactly to get of the things I recommended (like, what size intake, what brand reeds, etc.) just ask him.

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