PA 50 II polini kit

Are there any instructions on putting a polini kit on a PA 50 II or does anyone have any tips? I have some handy motorcycle friends that are going to help me out but I am wondering if there is any info out there that might help us with this project.

Re: PA 50 II polini kit

Hey, you're in Sea-town. You should come out to Moped Monday at the Mars bar is you're looking for people to give you moped (and non-moped related) advice. Not too much to putting the kit on though. I knew a guy who put the Polini on his Hobbit and didn't even upjet. Never seized and ran pretty fast. I think that kit comes with the jet reamer to give it a little more gas into the cylinder. Might be a good idea to use it. But yeah, come out when you have it on. Or even before.

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