Running...but not fast enough

I recently got a pair of 1978 Sach Balboas from my father in law and I now have the first one running. It has a new air filter and a squeeky-clean carb but it will only go 20-22 mph with my 145 pounds. My FIL said it went 30 pretty easily when he put it up.

I'm not a mechanic but it seems like the throttle grip might bottom out before I'm at top speed. How do I adjust it so that it pulls a little more cable and opens up a little more?

Also, if there's anything else you can think of that I might check to get up to speed.

thanks in advance,

Steve "too slow" B

Re: Running...but not fast enough

fish_SHARK /

you want to take off the carb, leave the throttle cable in it though, then you twist the grip and make sure the throttle is opening up all the way.

Re: Running...but not fast enough

And if not, how do I adjust it?

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