Peugeot Carb & pipe

Hey Guys,

I just picked up a peugeot 103 and I'm having a hell of a time with the carb. From what I have read nobody seems to like these things very much. Does anyone have a suggestion on a good replacement for a stock motor that I am also planning to put a pipe on? Also would it be worthwhile to use an aftermarket variator on such an application?

Re: Peugeot Carb & pipe

The carb's really aren't THAT bad. just a bit tempermental at times... A good cleaning will get'er back up to par right quick :D

You should pickup a 14-16mm intake from treats on ebay, replace the reed-cage with a tomos one, and slap on a 15.15 or 16.16 dellorto :D

Pipe... you should be able to derestrict that badboy, and w/ the above setup hit close to 40ish :D

Grats and welcome to the french family ;)

Re: Peugeot Carb & pipe

Ive actually researched a whole lot on this carb and done everything I could find to make it work, the big problem I have is at idle no matter what I do it just wont run right, I have resealed the intake, cleaned and soaked the carb, redrilled the main jet to the proper size because it was gunked shut, and then I found a local shop that showed me a way to unclog the idle holes and that still didnt help, another strange thing is that the Idle is stuck really high and I cant get it to come down.

I'm kinda new to mopeds but well versed in motor cycles and cars so I know enough about carbs to get by, to my understanding the screw in the side is used for the low speed mixture but if I unscrew that enough to drop the idle the bike won't move at all and tops out at like ten miles per hour so I think I am giving up on this carb.

any Idea where I can get a dellorto, also any pipe suggestions?

Re: Peugeot Carb & pipe

high, uncontrollable idle could be an air-leak.

Dellorto =

Try the SHA 15.15 or 16.16 :D

Pipe.. you kinda gotta goto france pretty much. Or, you might try hittin' up someone doin' a group buy...

Anyway.. ditch it cause it's likely kinda tiny anyway :D

"treatsHQ": generally has nice goodies for french bikes, especially Peugeot's :D

Just shoot him an email, cause sometimes he doesn't list all he's got =P

Re: Peugeot Carb & pipe

As far as air leaks go I have resealed the abvious and I know the carb and manifold are not leaking is it possible to leak from the exhaust or maybe the cylinder?

Re: Peugeot Carb & pipe

I was really stubborn about changing out my gurtner peugeot carb. Then I realized I had a peugeot 103 LS U1.... U1 as in the tiniest carb you can imagine. It would top out at 20mph and the thing was clean as a whistle. From the sound of it, top speed isn't your only problem.

treats fixed me up with the following:

1. Dellorto SHA 15.15 carb (cable choke model, for your handlebar lever)

2. Peugeot 14-16mm intake

3. Parma reeds (cause your stock reeds are too tiny anyhow, especially for a 15mm carb)

4. Two Puch throttle cables, since your adjustable knarps are way too big to fit inside the dellorto you'll need new cables.

5. Some jets range 54-68 for tuning.

I got this stuff extremely cheap, probably equal to bulk cost. My bike tops out at a little bit above 40 now, and I could probably go a little bit more lean.

Re: Peugeot Carb & pipe

With this setup are you running the stock pipe or after market, also is there any to buy from treats without using Ebay?

Re: Peugeot Carb & pipe

just wait till it doesn't get spark haha

Re: Peugeot Carb & pipe

Just send him a message over e-bay, his stock is usually far beyond what he pays to advertise on there.

Re: Peugeot Carb & pipe

With any peugeot that I get in the shop, I generally take the restrictor plate out of the exhaust, put a dellorto SHA 15/15 cable-choke carb on it, and replace the ignition coil with a bosch.

The carb setup is always no black air box (just the screen filter, because the air box scrapes the frame) and a 68 jet works perfect for portlands climate.

Re: Peugeot Carb & pipe

Monsieur Sabatino,

You use the stock intake on them badboys? or one of the larger-ish ones?

I'm thinkin' to get the TSM up and rollin' w/ not-quite-stock status for a bit while I wait for my pile of money to get larger lol... Waitin' on an intake, and then she should rip :D

P.s. Hi! long time no see~!

Re: Peugeot Carb & pipe

Where can I get a hold of a bosch coil, my peugeot just started stalling when I hit the brakes and I hear thats a tell tell sign the ignition is going bad?

Re: Peugeot Carb & pipe


The stock intake works fine. Bikes will go 38-ish just like that. I have a big-ass intake with a big-ass reed on my 104, but for an easy clean fix, they mount nicely to the stock intake.

The 15/15 also comes with the right jet in it!


I know Handybikes has the bosch ignition coil. It's for a sachs. The one for Puch works better, but is harder to get. You just have to grind a small tab off of the sachs coil and it works perfectly.

How good are you at wiring?

I'll make a wiki entry about peugeot wiring if you need a simple diagram.

Re: Peugeot Carb & pipe

funny thing I make a living off wiring so I would guess I'm ok at it, I just need a schematic and I can do it. send me pdf or a pic and I will figure it out. By the way thank you so much for any help I'm having a hell of a time making my bike run right.

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