de-celeration question- puch

perhaps the title is a little off- but my question is about the performance of my bike- so heres the scoop


polini port matched

4 pedal reedvalve

20 phbg



-48or52 ideal screw

estoril exhaust

and CDI

so heres the low down- ill be riding and everything is all good- i get to higher speeds

id say around 40!? give or take 5 mph and then ill let off the throttle if there is a red light approaching or whatever but the bike will still pull and feel like the throttle is engaged. it can be kinda scary at times. but by the time i get down to like 10-15 mph the pulling will go away. but it takes some serious braking power.

any thoughts? suggestions?

Re: de-celeration question- puch

rpms not dropping when you let go of the throttle is a sign of running lean. I'd guess you need to put in a bigger main jet. like 100+.

Re: de-celeration question- puch

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

yep, you need to upjet. Mine did that with an estoril back in the winter. Runs much better with the N8P(but still issues, see my thread)

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