Honda Express Altitude Adjustments

Moved an NA50 to Denver from Tennessee, and it now runs rich and four-strokes at WOT, not too surprisingly. Already has a UNI on it...What do you Express guys up there do adjustment-wise to make them run right? Thanks!

Re: Honda Express Altitude Adjustments

Jonas Quimby /

You can move the C-Clip holding the throttle needle to make the mixture more lean/rich.

Re: Honda Express Altitude Adjustments

Moved it up one, but that doesnt affect WOT, only midrange...Has anyone ever found jets for these things?

Re: Honda Express Altitude Adjustments

Mine (every other I've seen) all ran to rich when I got them, usually the uni-pod fixed it. On the later models you can replace the jets, and they can be had at any honda dealer. On the early models the jet is pressed in and can only be made bigger easily; if this is the case with yours you can try to solder the jet and re-drill it, but this can be difficult even on removable jets.

I highly recommend making a performance pipe so you can take advantage of that extra fuel. Let me know if you need help with this.

p.s. i rode my express this past Friday on the Denver group ride, it was fun!

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