speed mods for a35 tomos

i want some speed mods for my a35 tomos where would you start???

what would you do if you were on a budget?

what would you do if you were not on a budget?

Thinking on starting with a 27 tooth front sproket and a bi turbo pipe, would that be a good start? and what would you expect out of that? Where would i go from there?

Re: speed mods for a35 tomos

search the forums that question is answered everywhere.

Re: speed mods for a35 tomos

I have searched and got back way to much info, sorry if you think this has been covered, but there is so much info to cover. Thanks to everyone who is willing to help. Am I headed in the right direction? I just don't want to waste and time or money. I just want to do it right. thanks......

Re: speed mods for a35 tomos

you're wasting time posting, instead of reading your search results.

Re: speed mods for a35 tomos

I have been reading for two days, and all mods sound great, do I need a longer chain if I add the 27 tooth front sprocket and will the pipe perform with out rejecting it? I just want to make the right choices. Am I headed in the right direction? If I do a "BIG BORE KIT" which one would you suggest? I will continue to read and check this post. thanks to those with any input?

Re: speed mods for a35 tomos

You may or may not need a new chain, depends on three things: what size is your current front, how far is the chain stretched so far and how does the chain look right now. You should be able to jump one tooth up if there is about half a chain link of adjustment left. Do not run a pipe without rejetting, step up 2 jet sizes with it. If you get a kit, get the Airsal its cheap, pretty dam fast, reliable and you can get replacement parts for it. Also I recommend getting Boyesen reed valves from TreatsHQ on ebay. When you do get the bigbore kit, you can use it with the stock carb and a 56-60 jet (have to finetune it, 58 is a pretty safe bet though). I do recommend you replace the carb with a dellorto 15/15L. If you have a shortie intake and your carb sits between the frame and the engine try to get a sidemount intake...

Re: speed mods for a35 tomos

Hey man, I totally agree with you. I am a newbie too, and all of these posts are completely overwhelming. (And I passed Physics in high school and I've rebuilt three automobile engines)

I love you guys, but you stink at helping a newbie get started from the ground up. Check out the post below from <url>www.tomosmopeds.org</url>. They have some good posts on their forum that will help you get started. Once you know what they're talking about, then come back here and you'll get some good learning. These guys know their stuff, but seems to me they have a hard time explaining it to rookies.

- Ray


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dont waste ur money on a biturbo. get an estroil. much better pipe that will compliment other mods better then a bi turbo. if i were you i would do the estroil pipe high flow filter, up jet and maybe boyseen reeds. but wiht the cost of the things i just listed you could spend an extra 100 bucks and get a speed kit from airsal which comes with reeds.

Re: speed mods for a35 tomos

on a budget/biturbo/jet/ace hardware lawnmower filter/22t rear sprocket. this makes my tomos fly!

no budget .80cc gilardoni kit/estoril pipe/21mm carb/33/20grears,hydrolic fork/disc brakes,fat tires,bigger swingarm

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like i said dont waster your money on a biturbo. the estroil is prob the best pipe for the a35 and its only 5 or 10 dollars more. youll be much happier with the performance and the quality of pipe.

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you can find a used tomos biturbo for $25-50 good luck finding a used estoril on a budget

i dont like the biturbo on a kitted ped but on a stock tomos performance is awesome!

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the biturbos are known for falling apart. y buy a used one thats prob already half rattled apart. u get what u pay for. like the saying a poor man buys twice. do it right the first time and you wont be dissapointed. what is your budget by the way. that would help out alot for us telling you what to get.

Re: speed mods for a35 tomos

i have 5 biturbos i got 3 of them used 2 new they havent fallen apart yet,

i pulled a wheelie and flipped right over when i got home i saw that i knocked the silencer clip off so i went back to the crash site and recoverd the clip stuck it back on and its all good,

all i know is that the biturbo make my stock tomos go very fast for cheap.

on my kitted tomos i really love the tecno curcuit,it pulls wheelies and goes fast ,its very responsive.

Re: speed mods for a35 tomos

on a budget of under $250 - Estroil, 20 rear, 27 front, 16 carb, port work

not on a budget - 80 kit, 24 carb, Simoni pipe, port matching, 31 front, 20 rear, lightening of main gears and the clutches .... but all of this is way too much money and work that should be done by a professional ..

Chris CMM

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