Sachs G3 505/1D carb tuning?

Has anyone done any tuning to the stock carb that a Sachs G3 comes with, the 85/12/101 bing with the 52 jet?

I know there is the obvious rejetting but I don't know if anyone has found a particularly good number.. I am thinking a 50 or 48 and plug chop it to make sure I'm not going to blow up..

Is there a larger carb that fits on a G3 without a spacer or taking the running boards off?



Re: Sachs G3 505/1D carb tuning?

I have an autisia 64cc kit on mine, I rotated the manifold forward so it comes out the right side front of the motor and have a sha 14.12 on it. runs much beter carb is a little small but the mikuni 15mm I have is too much

Re: Sachs G3 505/1D carb tuning?

pull the airbox and go to a 56 jet

why on earth would you downjet?

Re: Sachs G3 505/1D carb tuning?

I took the airbox off and bent the wire clamp to hold the filter on real nice. then i upjetted to a 58 main jet. I only saw low and midrange increases in power. Maybe if i could put a pipe on it i could see all over gains.?

- Joe

Re: Sachs G3 505/1D carb tuning?

It was my understanding that if it ran rich (as it does now) to lean it out by down jetting.. is this incorrect? And in so doing get better performance..

Re: Sachs G3 505/1D carb tuning?

if its running rich, something is wrong. mostly likely a clogged exhaust. moped rule #2- dont start souping anything up until you have it running right.

Re: Sachs G3 505/1D carb tuning?

Hmm.. while I agree.. I know there are mopeds with manuals that say after the break-in period you should downjet..

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