Monoshock idea

So i had this idea for monoshock on a puch. I don't know how good it might be, but it looks nice drawn out.

It would make use of the current swingarm, or a new one. You'd have to add some more tubing or something to mount the shock with, and then some frame modification as well. Run the shock into the frame, it's not outside of the frame. You'd maybe have to brace the frame inside, but if the shocks work stock mounted on that fender, it should be no problem. You'd also have to cut the frame to make room for the modified swingarm to swing.

Otherwise you could chose to mount that shock elsewhere in the frame.. but i was thinking of covering the mounting point with the sidecover.

I'll probably draw it up 3d later, so it's easier to understand. Let me know if you think it's any good.

Here's a swingarm to get the idea of how it would be i guess. I thought maybe like a bend tube near the back going from one side of the tire to the other, instead of that single one, but pretty similar to this.


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picture didn't work


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to me that picture looks so massively out of scale...there was a thread in the general forum about someone who did this recently, have a look at it...anythings possible

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the shock might be out of scale, since i just drew that freehand, but i traced a maxi in illustrator for the rest....

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its looks like an awesome idea. but you have to watch that it does not put to much stress on the bottom mount because the shock is almost horizontal.

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exactly my thoughts.. maybe if the swingarm was extended just a little you could put it vertical-er. but really, a horizontal shock wouldn't change much. it just redirects the same stress and force.

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Hmm, you might want to drop the idea of putting that much extra stress on an engine mount, that will probably bend or break.

Here's some pics from of mono-shock Puchs used in dirt-racing:

Front fork = Honda MB. Swingarm = Honda MB modified.

Owned by Bart

Front fork = Honda MT

Owned by Groentje

Front fork & swingarm = Honda MTX-SH

Owned by Maxi-Keesie

Front fork = Honda MTX. Swingarm = Yamaha DT

Owned by Harrie Bloempot

Hope this gives you some ideas. Good luck :)

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