bi turbo exhaust leak

I've got a two piece bi turbo on my tomos that spits out exhaust where the two pieces meet. I was wondering how one seals these together. One side has a clamp but even with it tightened all the way and some sort of epoxy or bonding agent exhaust and smoke spurt out of the connection. Could this decrease my compression? I'm only getting about 80-90 psi when I kick it over, which I've read is on the low side. Any advice on maybe a kind of bonding agent to seal this up? Thanks.

Re: bi turbo exhaust leak

A gasket should fix your problems and if you over tighten from factory specs you could bend the tabs which is very common and then never get a good seal, check the exhaust to see if your flange is still flat and then bolt it back on with a gasket

Re: bi turbo exhaust leak

Here is a picture of the connection I'm talking about. Are you saying put a gasket on the black pipe, slide the chrome part over it and clamp it together? I have some gasket maker (gel type stuff in a tube). I might try that.


Re: bi turbo exhaust leak

thats not what i was tlaking about lol but i think that some gasket maker will help in this case where you said to put it, or maby just some grease will work either wway clean it off really good and see if its works bertter

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