New Carb and Exhaust

Oh yeah, fedex dude showed up knockin at the door today with my new 16.16 Dellorto. I ordered jets 66-70 (dont know if it came with one) and Im expecting to pick up a Tecno Bullet sometime this week. Any Idea with the more free flow setup still on the stock E50 what jet I should start with?

Re: New Carb and Exhaust

Damn, came with an 82 jet. MUCH larger than the range I bought

Re: New Carb and Exhaust

I have a 15mm Bing, and just got a package with my high flow filter, tecno boss, high comp head, 15mm intake, and range of jets from 80-72. I figure with a stock top end besides the head, it should be in the mid 70s.

Re: New Carb and Exhaust

Alright, Im running a stock Bing (14mm i think?) with a size 68 now. Im going to wait for the new exhaust to come in before tuning this carb so I can just tune for the new set up.

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