murray puch


Stock except tech no pipe and bigger jet and hi flo air cleaner.

Bogs a little at mid range then you open it up and she jumps right up to 38 and wants to go faster you can tell.

What can I do to get it more smooth all the way from start to full throttle?


Re: murray puch

You might be able to adjust the needle valve on the slide to clean up that mid range some.

Re: murray puch

Thanks I will give it a try.

Cheapest moped of my 3 and runs the best and fastest.


Re: murray puch

what size jet? Its pipe less? I got a murray i tyring to get it alittle faster.

Re: murray puch

Brendan Chenelle /

you can raise and lower the needle on the slider to help with part throttle mixture. It has several notches in it.

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