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so... i have this 1978 vespa bravo and it feels like it has potential, but i truthfully am not sure how to get 40+ MPH without cheating (nitrous). all opinions welcome

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BootyClap Ninja /

did you seriously just consider nitrous as a viable option for speed?

lol I hope not.

drill your carb, port match, and unrestrict your pipe if you want free speed.

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i have heard of port matching. any links on porting the stock vespa? pictures of finished porting?

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look in the vespa tuning section in the wiki, and search in the performance forum :)

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the vespa cases are so close that there is no point in putting the time in to port match teh cases.

Your variator has a brass type ring that sticks on. This is a speed restricter it stops your top end and kills low end power. YOu can use a dremel to cut it off real easy than smooth it out.

Other than that get a carb, drill out the intake, and get a pipe do not get a polini, that will allow you to hit 35 maybe 40 if your a small guy.

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13.13 Dellorto, $55 from treatshq

Malossi RedFilter, $15 from treatshq

Simonini circuit or similar pipe, roughly $120

Grind down the brass bushing in the variator as mike suggested. With proper jetting, that should get you to 40 or probly a bit over.

If you decide you like going fast, you can add a 64cc kit.

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i have a 13.13 dellorto, a 65 jet, plain stock intake, a sito plus exhaust, and a 30 year old ignition coil. maybe ill shave the variators brass thing. im 5' 8" and 200 lbs so maybe i will never get this bike to go over 35 and still climbs hills.

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Pull the transmission out of your back wheel, take it apart, clean all of the old grease and grim off of everything, put it back together with a new seal and gasket (Available from zippy) and new oil. Then clean and repack your front bearings. that will help you out a lot. drilling a couple of holes in your airbox and rejetting your carb will help some more. After that, you'll probably need a 64cc kit to get up to 35+. Check out the vespa performance in the wiki. Treats is supposed to be getting some more DR 64cc kits soon and they work great for the money.

I'm about 195. I have a grande and a ciao that are a little more souped up than that and they will both go 40 and climb hills no problem.

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