what jet size?

i have a ported 65 metra on an e 50 a 21 dellorto and a homoet 6p gearing 18-40 any one with the same set up???

the kit is brand new so i need to know what jet i should use for break in

and what should i switch it to later if it needs to be switched


Re: what jet size?

I have a 64 Polini puch kit: 19 Delorto, crazy high end porting, techno estoril, and a 130 jet for breaking in. Should be around a 125 after breaking my piston in. Hope this helps.

Re: what jet size?

yea i had a 19 dellorto and i have an estoril but switched to the 21 and a homoet haha i think i was running a 96 jet lol

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