trans. oil tuning.

ok os we are supposed to use atf type f. I do.

I also have run synthetic gear oil and my bike ran great for 2000 plus miles.

i have also heard about people runing like 5w 30. to get more slippage.

Whats the deal? How does the weight of the oil afffect the slipping of the clutch/ wear of the internals?

Re: trans. oil tuning.

Jason Luther /

a thicker oil will give more slip because it lubricates better, making a thicker film on the clutch drum that the clutch has to get through.It cant really hurt anything, but if your engine has to rev superhigh for the clutch to grab, youll wear the clutch out faster. Also you want to use a non-detergent oil (itll say right on the bottle, and I think type f is as well) since it wont dissolve grit, it will sink to the bottom of the crankcase and not get circulated around causing more wear. modern transfluids and motor oils that have detergents are for motors with filters that remove the crap from the oil.

Re: trans. oil tuning.

well what type of oil do you guys recommend?

Re: trans. oil tuning.

mobil1 5w20 synthetic engine oil. perf.

Re: trans. oil tuning.

motul transoil or transoil expert

Re: trans. oil tuning.

I tried SAE5w30 non-detergent in a stocks Sachs engine a few minute ago. Lol, it engaged at 3/4 throttle and kept slipping in and out it was like running on ice.

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