Honda Express NU50M intake manifold modding

Alright ladies and gents,

I've got a 1982 Honda Express NU50M I'm restoring. Currently working on mounting an Athena 70cc kit, right now I'm port matching the cyl to the case. Just bought a 21mm dellorto rubber mount carb without thinking to much and measuring, big mistake I know... Problem is that I jumped into this purchase without thinking and now can't figure out how to mount the big carb.

Honda has this dual screw mounting system:

the intake is a measley 14mm and the screws are 32mm apart.

The dimensions of the base are:

back two across- 38mm

front two across- 55mm

front to back on each side- 45mm

now the 21mm dellorto carb is:

21mm outlet without any sort of screwhole. I was debating giving modding the carb by cutting off the whole rubber mount system and tapping some matchign threaded screws into it, but what's the point of the 21mm carb then? Just more spots for the atomized air to catch and turn back into liquid.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Do you think I need a new carb? Or can I stick with the stock but find a different jet somewhere?

As well as any other suggestions to what else I can do to make this puppy purr besides a cyl, muffler, and carb. I know about variator weights and keeping it in gear longer, but any other suggestions while I'm waiting for my 2 piece biturbo to get here from awesome derek?

Re: Honda Express NU50M intake manifold modding

Wow my spelling sucks. I'll use the spell check next time.

Re: Honda Express NU50M intake manifold modding


Re: Honda Express NU50M intake manifold modding

Use the carb, ditch the intake! Make a new one out of an old Tomos or Puch exhaust header.

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