Fork, springs vs hydraulic

Would like to know the differences in ride and performance of spring based forks compared to hydraulic ones.


Re: Fork, springs vs hydraulic

its like night and day go hydroclic all the way

Re: Fork, springs vs hydraulic

The difference in a nut shell is that hydraulic shocks actually dampen vibration and absorb the shock.

Spring shocks without motion dampes are prone to vibrations, oscilations, and will litterally destroy themselves. Springs shocks without motion dampers can be down right dangerous on any serious vehicle, because they'll start vibrating and dribbling the tire like a basket ball. Once that happens, it about like driving on very rough ice. And I bet you can guess what happens next...

Re: Fork, springs vs hydraulic

But, if you need to REPAIR or REBUILD those hydraulic shocks...I hope you have better luck than I have had so far. (Not finished hunting yet, though.)

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