Got in back on the road

I finally got my athena and the weather is good, so I put it all back together. Here is what I ended up with:

The Athena is definitely a quality piece. 7 intake ports and only one ring. Very lightweight. Got it from

The LeoVince exhaust sounds great. I don't have anything except the stock exhaust to compare it to but it is sturdy and fit perfectly. I think it looks pretty decent too.

Here's the motor. I replaced the crank seals and cleaned up the inside. The bike only has 466 miles on it so i left the stock bearings. The athena is installed in the pic. I cleaned up the head and decompression valve/port. The carb is a 21mm dellorto courtesy of treats. Running a 100 main jet(for break-in), 55 idle, 60 pilot. I forgot to take pics of it but I also port-matched the reed block to the reeds(boysen) and the intake. Cleaned up and blended the intake casting and opened it up a little.

Also not pictured:

New belt from

New PA50 II variator plate and rollers.

Gazelles that I put on last summer when i first got it up and running.

And finally, now that I have your attention, I need your help to finish this thing.

I have added turn signals and a NOS switch from the 83 model. Also, I replaced the stock brake/tail/tag light and the turn signal bulbs with about 90 or so 40,00mcd white LEDs.

I built a rectifier setup that would have converted 6v AC to 12v DC. It consists of 2 diode(2x 3A radioshack rectifier diodes in parallel)/capacitor rectifiers. 1 positive and one negative. The Brake/tail/turn LEDs run off of this power. I put it all in an enclosure and filled it all in with epoxy. Heres some pics of it to clarify the shitty description.

Problem is, now that its running, I checked the voltage from the generator. Its 35v AC... at idle. It gets higher as rpms increase. I am back at square one with building a rectifier. I might just have to give up and use a battery but I really don't want to have to do that. Anyone know how to accomplish what I am trying do?

Got in back on the road

Oh man, i forgot to tell how it runs!

I am still breaking it in so I haven't done anything over 3/4 throttle but it pulls really hard up to 40mph or so with plenty still to go. The thing bogs down at idle when it is warmed up so i definitely have some tuning to do. Overall, waaaaayy faster than the stock PA50I. I can hold my own in traffic now! Too bad this setup requires the engine be removed from the arm in order to remove the carb and therefore change my jetting. Also, I have given up hope of ever finding any mallosi race gears for this thing so my top speed is going to be less than optimal but still pretty decent.

Re: Got in back on the road

You need a voltage regulator if you want to mellow out the voltage also your filter caps should be in parallel between the + and - sides of the rectifier, I can't tell from the pic but it looks wrong.

Also LED's are diodes as well and I have run 12v diodes straight from the magneeto without problems though you might want to use a current limiting resistor if one isn't already built in.

Re: Got in back on the road

Also you are most likley reading RMS/mean voltage not peak to peak from you meter which is need a oscilloscope to really see what's going on.

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