destroying clutches - tomos

how badly damaged will my clutches get if i run an airsal kit on my 2005 tomos lx? or can this be avoided somehow? thanks alot

Re: destroying clutches - tomos

From what I understand even if you baby them, tomos clutches just get chewed to shit after a thousand km or so with a kit. Never done it but I plan too anyway. I hear tell of a guy who makes actual clutches for tomos's not ones made of cork. But I also heard of alligators in the sewers and the easter bunny.

Re: destroying clutches - tomos

The way you ride makes a big difference. If you slam WOT form a dead stop all the time yer gonna wear the clutch fast. If you engage with less throttle, then go WOT less wear.

Re: destroying clutches - tomos

Here is the deal with that...

The factory clutchs suck, pure and simple. But you can recork them yourself and make them twice as good. If you do a good job recorking them, they will stand up to an airsal kit with a 31/22 sprocket ratio with no problems. (with 150 lb rider)

However I did find that 31/20 gearing was too much. It detroyed the clutch in a month.

The thing that goes out on a Tomos after that is the bearing that holds the drive sprocket. And since the tranny fluid seal in on the inside of this bearing... it also goes out at the same time. So It'll start oiling your chain for you, and eventually that bearing will start screaming like a banshee!

mine didn't get bad till about 6,000 kilometers.

Re: destroying clutches - tomos

i ride my tomos kitted peds hard the clutch holds up just fine.i do however let off on the gas when its shifting,i try not to slip the clutch.

throw a kit on that **** your gonna love it

even if the clutch does go ,it is simple to reline the cluch,very simple and cheap

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