Tomos E5?

So I just picked up this Tomos...The engine says E5 on the side...

It's a kick start so I'm assuming it was a replacement for what came on the ped.

It has from what I can tell a Dellorto 15mm carb and a Biturbo exhaust, also a 27 tooth front sprocket and a metal air filter jammy....

What I want to know is, what size jet should I be running? Also, how do I tune the carb? I know physically HOW to... I just don't know how to know when it's running optimally

I'm familiar w/ automotive tuning, I just don't know much about tuning a carb on a moped...

Re: Tomos E5?

I think you may have misread it. It most likely says A5. And they did make those engines in kickstart, so it's probably stock.

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