puch maxi preformance options

is it better to have a 2-speed or a one speed puch engine as far as performance options go? what are the pros and cons of each? don't know much about this, so looking for some opinions, advice and experience on the matter! thanks in advance!


Re: puch maxi preformance options

Iron Hayden /


Re: puch maxi preformance options

pros for 2 speed:

1st gear for acceleration / hills

1st gear can allow for higher gearing

cons for 2speed:

more complicated, arguably less reliable, harder to find bottom end parts for

pro's for 1 speed:

simple, reliable, parts are plentiful


umm, no first gear?

as far as which one is better it is a matter of opinion, they're both great engines. performance parts are interchangeable between the one and two speed. theoretically they should be able to go equally as fast but the two speed could get there quicker.

Re: puch maxi preformance options

Iron Hayden /

thanks for the input. i have a one-speed but was wondering if it's worth getting a two-speed engine for better performance. i'm a newbie in the wrenching department, so a one-speed is probably better to learn on anyway.

Re: puch maxi preformance options

one speed is bullet proof.

Re: puch maxi preformance options


as far as i know the performance parts are NOT interchangeable.

2 speeds have like 7 bearings and you can not (easily) get new cranks. lots of searching and talking about pressing and work.

2 speed has more parts so is harder to deal with, unless you dont mind more parts when building. but more 30 year old parts mean the outside possibility of more problems then a one speed, but greatly reduces the possibility of them being produced again for $$ reasons...

top ends are interchangeable.

2 speed also impacts the amount of front sprockets that are good to use too.. if you think about that sort of thing.

that being said I LOVE MY TWO SPEEDS.

god. they are so good.

so so so so good.

but i am starting a one speed project and we'll see....

Re: puch maxi preformance options

Iron Hayden /

sounds like a one-speed project should be good to start with for me. but yeah, my kreidler is a two-speed and damn i love that machine...

Re: puch maxi preformance options

If you want a New. strong, new, reliable 2 speed you can buy a Tomos A55, and with a little work mount it on your Puch. There a a couple of guys who have done it.

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