Carb choke?

Hi everybody.

I saw on the internet a page that says that in order to gain more performance - you have to remove the choke from the carb.

Unfortunately - there were no further details about that.

If somebody knows why and how exactly does this procedure helps to the performance - PLEASE REPLY.

Thank you!!!

Re: Carb choke?

no that doesn't make any sense at all. there are two kinds of chokes: chokes that limit air intake, and chokes that increase gas intake. in other words, by putting on your choke, you are making the mixture richer. you do this when starting the bike (sometimes) because the gasoline doesn't burn as efficiently when the motor is cold, so you need a little more of it to get started. but you don't have to . . . you can always just not have the choke on . . . there's no reason to remove it.

it is important with some carbs, like the encarwi found on batavus bikes, to make sure that when the choke is off, it's all the way off. sometimes the cable is a little too short, leading to a condition where the choke is always partly on, hence slightly less air can get through than would optimally.

Re: Carb choke?

maybe it was a car website? the choke horn on a 4 barrel is a flow restrictor in high flow/rpm situations and they are removed from high performance carbs. thats got zero to do with 2 stroke though

Re: Carb choke?

Removing the choke definitely wouldn't help. It only restricts the air flow while you are starting the engine but once it is running and you give gas you're choke should go off by itself.

Re: Carb choke?

Emil Kniemel /

bumping this from the dead (walking dead concept) because ive also read this about stock hobbit carbs and i cant find anymore info.

Re: Carb choke?

-Brian- The Ruffians STL /

The choke on a stock Hobbit carb is basically a rotating door in the carb and will restrict air flow incredibly mildly all the time. I wouldn't bother with removing it since its 12mm anyway and if you are really trying to get top performance out of it, you are going to go with an aftermarket carb and intake.

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