exhaust system cleaning

i've been having a lot of problems with starting, not starting, running, then not running. i've done the coke in the gas tank thing, the vinegar in the gas tank thing, and i've cleaned the carb a kazillion times. so i'm wondering if i need to clean the exhaust system? it's a puch newport that's been sitting around for over 20 years. appreciate any advice.


Re: exhaust system cleaning

"wiki article on exhaust cleaning": http://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Cleaning_the_muffler

Re: exhaust system cleaning

thank you

Re: exhaust system cleaning

the thing is, i wanted to take it off but not sure how

Re: exhaust system cleaning

Brendan Chenelle /

the newport exhaust is one bolt on the side and 2 bolts on the cylinder head.

Re: exhaust system cleaning

dont forget the ignition system! make sure those points are cleaned and gapped, plug is gapped right, the condenser is working, etc

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