78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

Hey guys, so thanks to you all I've just about got my Hobbit up and running again. Wahoooooo! Now I'm already thinking about upgrading and have been looking at a 70cc kit that Treats Hq has. Does anyone know about how much this will increase my speed by and if this would increase the chance of something breaking and failing? Oh, and its a pa50II

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

If will certainly increase your speed. But really a kit is one of the last modifications to do or else you won't get much out of it.

You should upgrade your exhaust and carb first.

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

Well that's definitely helpful. If I upgrade the carb will I need to buy a new one or could I just get a new jet for it?? It'd be perfect if I could get her speed up to the 40's.

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

If you put a new exhaust on there, you can gain up to 8 with it tuned right. You will need either a bigger carb, or a larger jet with a new exhaust.

So maybe put a proma on there, and then rejet it.

You can put a decently small amount of money into a hobbit and get it cruising! Look at the variator mods too, for changing the roller weights.

search there forums, there's lots to do.

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

let me know how this set up goes cause i'm working on rebuilding one also and wanna slap on:

Custom Paint

Mag Rims

70cc athena

21mm dellorto

21mm intake

proma exhaust

and possible variator mods but have to look into it

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

I too am looking to upgrade my pa50I soon here. First I need to get mine running though lol...no spark.

I was looking at treathq's 70cc kits on ebay...seems like they have two that stand out to me...the cast one that is 155 and the alluminum which is 180 or something.

If you find any exhasust for sale...let us know here...especailly the proma....I have had no luck finding any...

Good luck

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

well ive been looking for a solid month now and all i have to show for it is alot of bad dutch translations! the only parts i find are all in holland and i dont speak dutch :(

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

Check out 50cc.eu

They should have a ton of parts. And in Europe, the Hobbit is called a Camino. That may help you out a bit.

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

i dont speak Dutch so how are you able to read all that?

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

Raymond Rexroad /

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

Once you load 50cc.nl, look at the top right, and it has a link to the english page. Then you select Parts, and then select your make, Honda, and then your make, Camino, from the lists on the left.

They have a 70cc metrakit on there for about 100EU

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

Raymond Rexroad /

The best place for a 70cc kit is on ebay. Do a search for malossi. Buy from treats.

The Euro sites will cost you more in the end, and you'll have to wait a while for shipping. Treats can set you up right.

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

So this treats guy seems like our best bet. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places, but I can't seem to find anybody that has one of these kits. Is it pretty much straight forward bolt on then guess and check re-jetting and go?

I'm very curious to see how one of these 70cc kits will improve a pa50I and pa50II.

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

Read my post above. 50cc.eu has a very large selection of Camino(hobbit) parts.

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

i put a 70 cc metra on and a modded tecno boss and my pa50 rips still in break in so im highly over jetted but it is crazy up hills my neighbor has a stock pa50 and he has to peddel up the hill in fornt of my house and i do a solid 30 up it no prob.

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

Thats awesome man, how fast do you think you're going on the flats??

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

not shure its well past the end of the numbers but ive never held it for long since its still in breakin and when i uassly let off it seems like its got more i just dont want to seize it. not too much longer on breakin and ill rally let her rip and gps it as give a accurate flat speed report.

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

But what are you thinking.....cast iron or allum?

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

is this a PA50I or 50II

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

Any kit on the PA50II is going to RIP.

Think about it: like the Av10 and Peugeot 103 engines.....reed case inducted = crazy fast and excellent low end....not to mention VARIATED.


Buy the kit....any kit...that Treats has and slap it on.

Buy a Leo Vinci pipe and slap it on.

Maybe you have to rejet....but from everything I've read and seen in person, you don't have to touch the carburetor. WHY? I don't know. But for some reason you don't.

Good luck, fellas.

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

King Drunky JCams /

Make sure you do the exhaust pipe first dude.

The kit comes after that...

The carb upgrade is awesome.

The racing gears raise your cruising speed considerably.

Go all out.

1978 PA50II

70cc Metrakit

21mm Intake

21mm Dellorto PHBG - 90 main jet

Proma Circuit Exhaust

Boysen "Power" Reeds

Malossi Racing Gears

Modified Variator with drilled out rollers

Camino Mags

Low Bars

Custom Headlight

Yeah, it's my baby.

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

The proma circuit doesn't exist anymore, Leo Vince apparently will ship you one from Italy, but it takes over a month, plus I have yet to hear a report on its performance gain. I am however, going to get one for myself, my stepmom knows a dude that owns an italian scooter shop up here in Madison, and tamary I'm gonna ride in there and see if he can get a deal cut on a larger amount of Leo Vince hobbit pipes. From what I have been reading on the forum, there is a pretty big demand for them, and if this guy would be willing to pick up like ten of them, I'm sure I could get them sold for him in the next couple weeks. I'll post my findings tamary.

Re: 78" Honda Hobbit 70cc Kit

You don't normally have to change the jetting if you are going to put the Circuit pipe on a stock engine. But, if you are going to upgrade the engine with a 70cc kit as well as the pipe you are going to have to do something with your carburation. After all, the stock carb is only 12mm with a crappy air filter set-up.

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