HS50 Big Bore Kit

hi, im looking for a big bore kit for a Mobat Hs50. I looked everywhere online and could not find a kit that fit the bike. am i looking in the wrong places. any help woulod be appreciated

Re: HS50 Big Bore Kit

mobat hs50? maybe i'm not familiar with that bike. the batavus hs50 has the laura m56 engine; if that's the one you mean, you're kind of SOL. the only thing you can do to the cylinder on that engine is to shave the head a little for more compression. there are no kits.

Re: HS50 Big Bore Kit

Mo-bat was the tank graphics on some of the early hs50's.

they use a laura m-48 engine, the only way to hop it up is compression boost, mod the reeds. port, use the MLM intake on a 15 dellorto and hack a pipe on it. No easy cheesy bolt-ups here!

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