Puch exhaust on a Minarelli.

I've found out that a Puch exhaust will fit a Minarelli with some drilling on the flange so I was wondering if this exhaust in particular will fit on my moped or will I need to make modifications? Heres the exhaust and I've attached a picture of my moped on the side the exhaust bolts on.


Re: Puch exhaust on a Minarelli.

no mods to the pipe except the flange like you said, but thats going to be one long bracket you're going to have to make going back to there. or you could make a bracket up to the rear rack. kinda janky looking.

Re: Puch exhaust on a Minarelli.

I think I'm going to make a flange or bracket to bolt the exhaust to the kick stand bolt.That will probably measure up right.

Re: Puch exhaust on a Minarelli.

Putting anything Puch on a Minarelli is a sin.

Re: Puch exhaust on a Minarelli.

Well...it must be done!I think I'll definitely get a Scorpion exhaust sometime in the future.

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