Garelli Intakes

here is the photos of the intake that came on a motor i just bought

and here is the one that came on the bike.

which one should i use.

i havent taken them off yet because i was to busy working on my other garelli. but from the looks which one is better. i think the straight one. but the curved one might be bigger im not sure till i look. but im hoping some of you may know

Re: Garelli Intakes

fish_SHARK /

there is very little difference between them, as far as i have found, besides the outsides.

the first one has a little more angle between the 45 part and where the carb actually attaches, but other than that the two that i have are very similar.

Re: Garelli Intakes

im still looking for an answer from some one who has used them.

i guess i will just swap them out and figure it out for my self.. soon enough

Re: Garelli Intakes

from my experience the square intakes have been on the faster models, That one looks like an older square intake, I know the square once are nice to drill out to a larger bore, if you are looking to do some custom tuning.

Re: Garelli Intakes

Стев Браун /

Yeah, what Doug said. I said something to you two weeks ago about boring out a square intake, knucklehead.

Re: Garelli Intakes

For gas flow, the gradual curve would surely be better than the initial sharp turn (and reduced cross-section?) of the other intake

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