Puch polini Ignition advance


So, I read all I could in the 2stroke tuner's handbook about ignition advance, which wasn't much, really, and all it said was to try different degrees btdc to find the optimum ignition point.

Well, I'm happy to do that, but I thought maybe someone had any input about how far they advance their timing??

I know stock is .8-1.2mm btdc, so when I had it set at that, the performance was really bad. Now it's set at 2mm, and the mid-range is really good, but the top end is not so great.

Sooo, how far are you guys advancing your timing?

My setup:

Portmatched 64cc puch polini kit (stock reed valve)

15 bing

bullet pipe

Yup, thanks:) !!


Re: Puch polini Ignition advance

Cleats Onionpockets /

Don't take it too far, I did that on accident, and I shattered my piston ring with the preignition knocking of doom that resulted.

Re: Puch polini Ignition advance

Do you remember how advanced it was when that happened??

I set the timing with digital calipers, so it's pretty accurate:)


Re: Puch polini Ignition advance

Seriously, no one has any input regarding ignition advance!?!

It's kinda a big deal, IMO.



Re: Puch polini Ignition advance

Im not really sure what mine was set at I just kind of rotated a tiny bit at a time until I found a sweet spot, Digital calipers man that would be sweet to find out exactly how far it was

Re: Puch polini Ignition advance

$30 at most places like autozone, harbor frieght, TSC, farm and fleet etc.

Re: Puch polini Ignition advance

2.0mm before TDC so far....


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