puch upjet

I just put a proma gp and a performance air filter on my otherwise stock puch maxi. The jet size before the upgrades was a 58. The bike starts, but only if I have the throttle open when I start it. What do you guys recommend for a new jet size?

Re: puch upjet

How many times is this gonna happen? There is no one answer. At least you know what, where and how big your jet already is. Get a range. Start with one you just know will foul your plug and turn it black, then get a new plug and try again with the next step down, shampoo rinse repeat. Keep doinf this till your plug looks right... it could be two sizez up it could be eight who knows?

Re: puch upjet

ok im room mate is a dum#%$ and im not going to lisin to him . becuz i know what i was doing befor he opened his mouth and confused me. (biger number = bigger hole)

Re: puch upjet

sory... wrong puch upjet listing ... my bad

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